Dude takes a shit bath

Some people have a compulsive need to stay clean. This guy suffers from the exact opposite: he doesn’t feel right unless he’s disgustingly dirty. That in mind, the babe crouches over his bathtub and takes a massive shit. The load is nice and creamy, just the right consistency for what he plans to do next. Carefully climbing in, he plays around with the soft poop for a moment before picking it up and smearing it all over his body. In seconds, his entire chest and groin area is covered in crap, creating a layer of dirt that he finds amazing and delicious.

Title: Dude takes a shit bath

Submited by: Fecal Matter

Category: guy

Added on: November 11th, 2012

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  1. By: steve

    you are so beautiful. XOXO

  2. By: Mark

    OMG! You are the perfect man for me!

  3. By: john

    Gross!!! Ranma u make me feel dizzy.

  4. By: pooplover231

    omg i love it. I’d love to eat all that shit.

  5. By: ratax

    I want to eat your scat

  6. By: Roger Musser

    Do you sell DVDs? I would like to buy several.

  7. By: owen

    Ur fucking hot mate – love to have us each crap then swap and eat then wank and eat too

  8. By: smoothhole

    mmmmmm id luv 2 bath in shit with u


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