He has not learned to poop in the toilet yet

A nice shitting video with a horny young guy, able to shit in pants without blushing, exposes this young prick crapping into his diapers. His nasty ass doesn’t know the word “endure”, because he’s shitting everywhere he feels an urge to do it. His brown poo is now smeared over the back side of his diapers like the chocolate butter. Nasty boy doesn’t feel ashamed, he’s proud of his natural desires instead. As he releases the huge load of poo, the diapers on his ass start swelling, pumped by the amount of shit her craps. When he takes it off, it looks completely wasted: not a single spot free from his shit remains on dirty nappy.

Title: He has not learned to poop in the toilet yet

Submited by: Fecal Matter

Category: guy

Added on: June 11th, 2012

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