Rapid shitting in a glass saucer

This new gay scat video shows a half-naked man shitting in a glass saucer on the sideroad. He doesn`t get out of the car… He just slightly sticks his naked butt out and excretes meaty pieces of grayish brown crap. To tell you the truth I`ve never seen anybody pooping so much. When the saucer gets full, it all looks like a big chocolate cake or pudding… so appetizing! Then you`ll see nice and clear close-ups showing his slightly dirty anus with some residues of fresh shit. It`d be great to finger this stinking tight asshole or gently tickle it to cause even more shitting. Wanna see the shit overflow the saucer and drip down?

Title: Rapid shitting in a glass saucer

Submited by: Fecal Matter

Category: anus

Added on: March 8th, 2012

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