Plump guy defecates in the bathtub

The bathroom is a perfect place for shitting, even when there is no pan in it. This plump guy with a small cock decides to relax in the bathtub, and we can’t blame him for going a little farther than just taking a bath. The camera watches him from the other side of the bathtub, when he spreads his legs, exposing his crotch with small cock and big balls and a tight asshole. His cock straightens for a second, and then pee starts fountaining from it, showering the bottom of the bathtub in a parabolic jet. Then his ass comes into play, laying down a huge pile of shit. A turd after a turd it comes out of his stretching asshole, covering the enameled surface with a layer of dark brown poop.

Title: Plump guy defecates in the bathtub

Submited by: Fecal Matter

Category: ass

Added on: August 7th, 2012

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