Shitting in the grass on a paper napkin

Another wild outdoor scat porn video showing heavy defecation in the grass. A young gay lies back on the green grass and pulls his pants down. There`s a paper napkin under his butt and the boy strains to excrete some delicious shapeless pieces of thick fetid stuff. Warm brown shit is slowly coming out of his narrow asshole and falls down on the napkin with a slight squish. The boy holds his cock and balls with one hand so you`ll see a lovely view of his stretchy asshole ejecting dark pieces of poop. He seems a bit horny of this public shitting and burns to jerk off on cam for you. Join him now and throw the wildest scat sex session in the grass!

Title: Shitting in the grass on a paper napkin

Submited by: Fecal Matter

Category: asshole

Added on: March 11th, 2012

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